I believe artists are the gatekeepers to the doorway of the history of human existence; we chronicle events, emotions and feelings, points of view as we carry the prism it shines through.

Mixed media is my chosen alchemy; a mix of paint, paper, molding paste are basically the materials that I use to create the texture, color and effects of the piece. Illustrator is what I use to create my computer artwork.  Though different mediums, the goal is still the same.

What I want the viewer to see when viewing one of my pieces is the glory and romanticism of nature in an abstract form.  Sensuously idealized, close-ups of the kaleidoscope of colors and shapes derived from nature. The beauty and complexity of a flower unwrapping its silken petals inviting us into the fantasy, the passionate explosion of a feeling suddenly taking hold, the beauty of a rock formation against the colors of a twilight sky, the lyric beauty of the human form.

Being an artist is whom someone is, not just what one does. What is created on the canvas must be interesting, exciting and dynamic in color, form, media and size. It must catch the eye and raise the spirit like music; be a positive pause, a pleasant surprise for anyone taking a moment out of their life to view it and take it in.  The goal is to move people and make a connection; an idea showing something they haven’t seen before that may open a space in their hearts and a path to their soul.

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